What is the Urban Wood Marketplace?

The purpose of the Urban Wood Marketplace is to provide a unified and simple tool to connect urban wood harvests to the users of those removed trees, and thereby reduce waste. This site is comprised of the Marketplace and the Data Collection Tool. Data are organized by Job, which consists of one or more trees a organization has felled. Trees are subdivided into logs, which are located at a storage yard of the harvesting organization.


There are four aspects of the Urban Wood Marketplace:

  1. The Marketplace itself
  2. Administration
    • The over-all site administrator adds new organizations and their data managers.
  3. Data Management
    • Including job site and storage location management.
  4. Data Collection
    • A mobile friendly page for field crews to very quickly record a few details.

All visitors to the site can peruse the Marketplace and review logs that are offered on it.

If your organization is interested in participating in the Marketplace, please contact us at: {to be announced}. You will be contacted by the administrator, who will ask for the information needed to create your account. Once your profile has been created, you will receive and email with a link to give you access to the site.

Once registered as a Data Manager, you can assign Log Data Collection activities to your organization's data collectors. You can also edit your log data in the system. Most of the log data to be collected is optional; so you can tailor this to your organization.